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OneOhio Notice
OneOhio Notice


Notice of Ohio Opioid Settlement

Action needed by August 13, 2021 to participate in the OneOhio Plan to receive settlement funds.

On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, the parties in the National Prescription Opioid Litigation reached a settlement to resolve all opioid litigation brought by states and local political subdivisions against certain pharmaceutical distributors and manufacturers.  The settlement will provide funds to states and local subdivisions to help abate the on-going opioid epidemic.  Ohio is participating in the settlement, thus making local governments eligible to receive these funds.

In 2020, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Attorney General Dave Yost launched the OneOhio plan, a mechanism to distribute opioid litigation settlement funds to local governments.  The OneOhio plan also outlines how the settlement funds can be used.  Local governments have the option to participate in the OneOhio plan.  Click HERE to view a sample resolution to participate in the settlement through the OneOhio plan.


If your local government wants to participate in the OneOhio plan and receive these settlement funds, you need to act by August 13, 2021.  Please follow these steps to ensure your government entity’s participation in the OneOhio plan:

(1) Access the OneOhio Subdivision Participation Form HERE

(2) Complete the OneOhio Subdivision Participation Form, including the date and the name, title, and signature of the proper authority.

(3) Return the form to OneOhio@OhioAGO.gov by August 13, 2021.


For additional information, please visit the National Opioid Settlement website: https://nationalopioidsettlement.com/.  The website includes the full Distributor Master Settlement Agreement, the full J&J Master Settlement Agreement, an executive summary of the agreements, FAQs, explanatory charts, and other materials. 

Additionally, attorneys for some participating local governments prepared supplemental materials that may assist your review of the settlement agreements and the OneOhio plan.  These materials can be viewed here: https://spaces.hightail.com/space/cLfB1JGZOi.  Among other documents, you will find a summary of the settlement agreements, a sample resolution that subdivisions can use to adopt the OneOhio Subdivision Participation Form, and estimated settlement amounts.  Please note that the Ohio Attorney General’s Office has not independently confirmed the accuracy these materials, including but not limited to, any estimated settlement amounts owing to any county, city, township, village, or other subdivision.