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8. Data Measurement and System Linkage

Finally, the RecoveryOhio Advisory Council met and discussed data, outcomes measurement, and the need for multisystem connections to create a behavioral health service delivery system in line with the needs of all Ohioans.

To that end, the RecoveryOhio Advisory Council recommends:

73. Data Coordination and Sharing for Planning and Care Coordination

Use data available through all state agencies and their local partners to support planning and resource allocation focused on ending Ohio’s mental health and addiction public health crisis. Support the development of a technology infrastructure and data linkage strategies for partners at the state and local level, including ADAMH boards, managed care organizations, health departments, school districts, housing planning councils, and criminal justice system to perform data-informed planning at the community level. Support community-based treatment providers in their ability to participate in health-information exchanges for enhanced care coordination and integration with physical health care to improve outcomes for individual patients. Work with federal partners to reduce barriers created by federal privacy laws to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of access to information.

74. Measuring Outcomes

Develop a key performance indicator monitoring system to improve the quality of care for mental health and addiction services and quality of life measurements for individuals and families. Recognize the need for timely data to effectively respond to ever-changing trends and patterns in drug trafficking, disease prevalence, service capacity and workforce demand throughout the state. Minimize administrative complexity for data entry and reporting. Ensure that data measures equity in access to care in health and criminal justice settings and in outcome achievement for racial and ethnic minorities.

75. Setting Up a Satisfaction Survey

Survey individuals and families to establish satisfaction with services and supports for individuals and families with mental health and substance use disorders in Ohio.